School's Weekly Seminar

Anomalies in $b \to s$ transitions

by Dr. Siavash Neshatpour (School of Particles and Accelerators, IPM)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 from to (Asia/Tehran)
at Larak ( Seminar Room )
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Larak Garden, Artesh Hwy, Tehran, Iran

Rare B-decays are sensitive probes of New Physics. These decays provide important information on the dynamics of extensions of the Standard Model (SM), and although most measurements so far have shown good agreement with the SM predictions, some anomalies have been observed in $b \to s$ transitions at the LHCb. In this talk I will first give an overview of rare B decays. I will then discuss the the observed anomalies in $b \to s$ transitions, including the pattern of tensions, its implications, and possibilities for New Physics.