Theory Group's Weekly Seminar

Thermal Quench at Finite t'Hooft Coupling

by Dr. Hajar Ebrahim (Tehran University and School of Physics, IPM)

Thursday, 31 December 2015 from to (Asia/Tehran)
at School of Particles and Accelerators ( Seminar Room )
Using holography we have studied thermal electric field quench for infinite and finite t'Hooft coupling constant. The set-up we consider here is D7-brane embedded in (α′ corrected) AdS-black hole background. It is well-known that due to a time-dependent electric field on the probe brane, a time-dependent current will be produced and it will finally relax to its equilibrium value. We have studied the effect of different parameters of the system on equilibration time. As the most important results, we have observed a universal behaviour in the rescaled equilibration time in the very fast quench regime for different values of the temperature and α′ correction parameter. It seems that in the slow quench regime the system behaves adiabatically. We have also observed that the equilibration time decreases in finite t'Hooft coupling limit.