School's Weekly Seminar

The Theory and Applications of the Unintegrated Parton Distribution Functions

by Mr. Mohammad Reza Masouminia

Wednesday, 9 December 2015 from to (Asia/Tehran)
at Larak ( Seminar Room )
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Larak Garden, Artesh Hwy, Tehran, Iran

Understanding the fundamental nature of the strong nuclear interactions is one of the main 
proposes of the high-energy physics laboratories. Such goal is unfortunately suppressed by the 
lack of direct information on the behavior of the individual partons (quarks and gluons) in the 
high-energy deep inelastic collisions, due to the confinement effect. In the past few decades, 
different groups have tried to remedy this problem. The results were models like the DGLAP 
evolution equation, BFKL evolution equation, etc… Today, because of the unprecedented 
improvements in the quality of the experiments, acquiring a fundamental knowledge about the 
behavior of the partonic distribution functions (PDF for short), especially their dependency on the 
transverse momentum, is absolutely essential. This provided an excuse for the introduction and 
the development of the transverse momentum parton distribution functions (TMD-PDF) and the 
un-integrated parton distribution functions (UPDF) in the kt-factorization framework, e.g. the 
CCFM evolution equation and the KMR and MRW models. In this talk, we will have a glance 
over the history, the theory and the applications of these frameworks as a part of the small-x